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We breed
We breed  
We breed
  • Life span: 13-16 years average
  • Highly adaptable and typically good travelers
  • Huge personalities in a little package, can be sensitive and show aggression
    toward smaller pets and children
  • Requires plenty of grooming: brushing daily, bathing every other week, brush their
    teeth daily.
  • Loves squeaky toys and retrieving toys thrown by you
We breed
  • Friendly, Curious, Energetic, Intelligent, Bossy, Independent
  • Life span: 12-16 years average
  • Require consistency to train
  • Good watch dogs because they tend to be attentive and "yappy"
  • Require plenty of grooming and brushing to maintain shedding
  • High intelligence and energy creates a pup that needs lots of attention to curb
    their mischievousness
  • Incredibly loyal to family, however dislikes being alone and is typically slow to
    warm to strangers
We breed
  • Playful, Fearless, Affectionate, Gentle, Easygoing
  • Life span: 12-15 years average
  • Excels as companion, therapy dog, and in competition (agility, obedience, rally,
    and tracking)
  • Good for novice owners and adapts well to apartment living
  • Prefers to be with his people; Dislikes being alone
  • Sheds little due to no undercoat, however this causes them to chill easily
  • Considered to be hypoallergenic (in most cases)
  • Easy to train with reward and easy to spoil-rotten
  • Designer breed cross of Pom and Poodle
  • Life span: 12-15 years average
  • Friendly, Playful, Intelligent, Affectionate, Confident
  • Active and energetic; require daily exercise
  • Appropriate for families and older children
  • Designer breed; cross of Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier
  • Life span: 10-14 years average
  • small, energetic, and super silly
  • Can be "yappy" but make a good guard dog.
  • Highly intelligent and energetic; can be stubborn to train.
  • Tend to attach to one family member, but can be socialized if starting from
    young age.
9/13/20-We have a new litter of tiny Yorkies, 2 males/1
female.     Will be ready after 11/8th.
30/20 Have 2 new litters of Yorkies just born.
Below is an example of our
Yorkie babies!!
Check out our new Yokies!!
Below is an example of
our Maltese babies!!
Currently sold out!!
Below is an example of
our Pom babies!!!
See all our babies on
the Pom page!!
Below is an example of
our Morkie babies!!
Currently sold out!!
Below is an example of
our Maltipoo babies!!
Currently sold out!!!
10/30/20-We have 2 new litters of Yorkies, all males.
Will have pics soon.
10/21/20-We just had a new litter of Maltese, 2 males.
Will have pics soon.