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With Pomeranians, no
one can predict what
color they will mature
into-there are no
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Blue (F)
Current Weight: 5lb 1oz
BD: 4/21/19

Take her home today!
Say "Hello!" to the next love of your life. Blue
s adventurous and very intelligent. She loves
to hunt and zoom. Most of all she loves to
play with her family.
Her coat is amazing and
will be the talk of your friends and family. This
gorgeous girl has got it all! She can't wait to
meet you! Make her yours today.
Dame: Blue Rose
Sire: Tiger
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pictures of Blue
Honey Bear (F)
Current Weight: 3lb 4oz
5/12/19  RD: 7/7/19
Sire: Harley
Dame: Ariel
This glorious gal is our little Honey Bear. She is
possibly the cutest puppy that's ever been, but
that's just our opinion (she kinda looks like a baby
ewok). She's regal and a proper lady most of the
time, unless she's sprawled on her back for a
good belly rub. Her fur is luxurious and thick and
has the most interesting markings. When she
comes home to you, she will be up-to-date on her
vaccinations. She can't wait to meet you!
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