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Maltipoo puppies
previously sold by Fort
Wade Kennel
Sire: Dancer
Dame: Sparkle
Gus (M)
Current Weight: 2lb 6oz
BD: 8/11/19  RD: 10/8/19
Meet Gus! His favorite thing is to play! He will quickly
wiggle his way into your heart. His fur is lucious and
satiny smooth This cuddle bug can't wait to be yours!
He will always be close by your side. His favorite
thing is to play with you! This precious baby is just
waiting for his forever family! Don't miss out!
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Debbie Cakes
Current Weight: 2lb
BD: 8/11/19  RD: 10/8/19
Cocoa (F)
Current Weight: 1lb 12oz
BD: 8/11/19  RD: 10/8/19
Introducing Cocoa! She is adorable, sweet, and
playful. Her chocolaty fur gleams and is full of sweet
little curls. She loves being loved and snuggled.
When this gorgeous girl comes home to you she will
be up-to-date on vaccinations, a healthy, happy new
part of your family. Imagine waking up to loving
puppy kisses every morning! Hurry, this cutie has
her bags packed and is ready to venture off to her
new home!
Meet sweet little Debbie Cakes! She's laid-back and
can't wait to curl up with you and take a little nap.
Her fur is glossy and chocolatey. She's a beautiful
girl and she can't wait to be yours! When she comes
home to be your fur-ever friend, she'll be up-to-date
on her vaccinations to be a happy, healthy new
member of your family.
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pictures of Debbie Cakes
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pictures of Cocoa
Sire: Dancer
Dame: Sparkle
Sire: Dancer
Dame: Sparkle